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“As a pro athlete I look to be challenged every day. I can lift weights, I can run, I can jump, but what Cem does is special. He challenges both my mind and my body to move and get stronger in every direction on every plane. I've been in the NBA for over 13 years, and he, after a short period of time, has turned into my favorite trainer because of his passion for his work as well as a passion for my well being and success! It was an honor to work with him and to have him work with my entire family.”


“I was out of shape and overweight. I told Cem I wanted to be generally healthier (specifically to increase my strength and stamina plus lose weight. Cem designed my workouts to specifically meet my needs. When I told him I wanted to become a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, he changed my routines to specifically apply to my new duties. Cem is always cheerful, courteous and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to be in the best shape possible.”


“I came to Cem after sitting out of football for a year. And to be honest my first day with him made me consider sitting out again if having to work as hard as he made me was what it was going to take. That alone is the reason he is such a great trainer and person, he finds ways to challenge you and motivate you at the same time. Anyone can tell you what to do and how many times, but the gift of a great trainer is to be able to help their client reach goals and gain confidence at levels they never imagined.


My first day with Cem I was 248 — the biggest I've ever been in my life. Cem taught me how to eat clean and guided me through my whole entire process to getting back on the field. When it was time for me to report to camp I was 214 lbs and had gained speed, quickness, lower and upper body power and also gained my confidence back in my athletic ability. I can say today that without the help of Cem I might not be playing football today, I wouldn't have accounted for 50+ Tds in 10 games.


With that being said, thank you for helping me get back to being an even better player than I was before.”


“Cem has the gift of keeping you motivated and making you realize that you can work harder and do things that you never thought you could do.”


“Cem not only made me physically strong, but also mentally tough. I felt that this was the key for allowing me to be able to play college basketball at a very high level.”


“Cem is gentle when the time calls for it, he is tough when needed and he is ALWAYS professional.”


“[Our] entire morning show began training with Cem...and we have loved every minute of it. I came in to the gym with a goal of better nutrition and strength. Through Cem's guidance I have improved vastly in both areas...he is also quite a character.”


“Cem is an anomaly. He exemplifies incredible energy...and he provides motivational information without being pedantic. [He] is incredibly knowledgeable and patient with my pageant contestants; many of whom are new to the world of fitness. He was willing to take each contestant at their own individual fitness levels and motivate them to improve and reach their own personal best.


[He also worked] with my son...who was struggling to find his way through basketball. It was amazing to see how differently he worked with an athletic male vs. an unathletic female. He was able to push Kevin to an athletic level that I am certain inspired him to continue in his aspirations. Kevin just finished his freshman year...where he started as a walk-on freshman.”


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